Swiftkey's few feature will make you look like a genius while chatting

SwiftKey gets Search feature
SwiftKey gets Search feature Swiftkey

Be it impressing your crush with a Shakespearian quote you don't remember or beating your friends in the next trivia game, Swiftkey keyboard comes to the rescue. Microsoft has added a useful feature to its popular keyboard app that allows Android smartphone users to quickly search the web and send the information all without leaving the app.

Since Switftkey is a Microsoft product and the integrated web search feature has been added to it, it is natural to expect Bing to be the default search engine. Swiftkey is known for its ease of use and has convinced many Gboard users to switch. The latest feature might attract many more.

To access web search feature within Swiftkey, users must simply tap the "+" on the top left of the keyboard and look up for any information on the web. This is extremely helpful while finding quick facts about a topic you're discussing with a friend, checking local weather or flight timings while planning a trip and searching the latest news.

The addition of Swiftkey's latest feature doesn't stop just there. Users can also share the browsing results with contacts by sending the link or cropping a screenshot of the search result. This can be helpful while trying to prove a point to your adamant friend or partner with the power of the internet.

"In just a few taps, you have access to search results that you can then easily screenshot, crop and share with your friends. Whether it's the whole webpage, just one picture or a snippet of text, this feature makes it easy to share exactly what you want," Swiftkey said in a blog post.

Swiftkey's web search feature is available only in 11 countries so far, including US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Italy and Spain. For those who do not have the app, head over to Play Store to download it with the latest feature on Android smartphones.

While it remains unknown when the feature will be rolled out to the iOS version of the app, the wait won't be too long. Swiftkey for iOS is available on App Store for free.