Swedish Teacher Placed on Leave After Video Shows Her Harassing, Forcing Muslim Refugee Student to Say 'Penis' in Swedish

A Swedish teacher teaching a class of Muslim refugee students has sparked outrage after she was captured on video screaming one of her students and forcing her to say the word "penis" in Swedish.

The video, which went viral on social media on Saturday, has prompted Swedish authorities to open an investigation.

'What is it Called? Say It!'

SFI School teacher
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

The video was allegedly filmed in a Swedish language class for refugees at the SFI School in Malmo, Sweden. It shows the teacher yelling at the female student, who, like many others in her class, is seen wearing a hijab.

The teacher's anger was apparently sparked by the student's inability or shyness to name male genitalia in Swedish. During the video, which was filmed by one of the students, the teacher can be heard saying, "What does a man have? What is it called? Say it!" while hitting the student's desk with the palm of her hand.

At one point, another student gets up and asks if she can leave the class. "I'm scared, I want to leave," the student is heard saying. The teacher then directs her anger towards the other student and refuses to allow her to leave the class before locking the door. Watch the video below:

Teacher Under Investigation, Placed on Leave

The video sparked outrage on social media with the school receiving emails in large numbers from the Muslim community, calling for the teacher's dismissal and an official apology from the school. Several people also filed a police report against the teacher for harassment.

Swedish authorities also initiated an investigation into the incident. "All discrimination and violation against students are prohibited according to Swedish law," the Swedish government stated on Saturday.

"Like everyone else, I was shocked and appalled by what I saw," Andreas Eriksson, the headteacher for SFI in Malmo, told Swedish state broadcaster SVT. "This is not something we are used to."

According to SVT, the teacher has been put on sick leave and replaced by a substitute. The school also offered counselling to the students.