Suzy Cortez: Lionel Messi-Obsessed Miss BumBum Goes Nude in Sky and White Bodypaint as Argentina Crushes Croatia to Storm into Qatar World Cup Final

In one of the saucy photos, she is seen facing the camera, while in the other, she was stooping and carrying the World Cup trophy on her back.

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Miss BumBum and OnlyFans model Suzy Cortez once again celebrated Argentina's win over Croatia by going nude in bodypaint. Cortez, who won the Miss BumBum beauty pageant in Brazil in 2015, is a die-hard Lionel Messi fan and celebrated Argentina's progression to World Cup by sharing her nude body covered in paint on her Instagram page.

The brunette was supporting Lionel Messi as he led Argentina to a 3-0 victory against Croatia on Tuesday night despite the fact that she supports their South American rivals. However, this isn't the first time she has gone nude after Messi scored a goal. The bombshell has been doing it almost after every match in which the PSG striker has scored.

Double Treat for Argentine Fans

Cortez uploaded some throwback photos after the game from when she stripped naked and covered herself in blue and white paint with Messi's name and number painted on her back. She was wearing her Messi no 10 shirt during the game.

In one of the saucy photos, she is seen facing the camera, while in the other, she was stooping and carrying the World Cup trophy on her back. "3-0, toward the cup," was her caption for the post.

Suzy Cortez
Suzy Cortez Instagram

"Let's go Messi. Heading to Rosario in Argentina. I will attend the final in Argentina," she captioned those photos.

After mocking Croatia, who had been eliminated, Cortez continued to revel in Messi's achievement. She was seen stamping "Go home Croatia hahhahahah" on a red and white checkered cloth while sporting a Messi shirt.

The OnlyFans model will undoubtedly be Messi's biggest supporter when Argentina plays one of the winners of the France vs Morocco semifinal match in the final on Sunday.

Going Wild in Celebrations

Cortez has seven tattoos of the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner on her body, one of which is located close to her waist. She also revealed in-depth plans for further Messi tattoos to Daily Star Sport.

"I have a total of seven tattoos in hhonorof Messi; I entered the Guinness World Records. When I got the intimate tattoo, some people were shocked but little by little they understood why I got the tattoo," she told the outlet.

"I intend to get a tattoo identical to the one Messi has on his leg with the ball and the No10."

However, Cortez has quite a competition on Tuesday night in the form of Ivana Knoll, the former Miss Croatia, who has been dubbed the hottest World Cup fan for revealing and skimpy outfits.

On Tuesday, both of them split supporters. However, Cortez had the last laugh after Croatia were sent packing home by Argentina. Knoll had promised to go nude if Croatia would have won the World Cup but that's not going to happen anymore, with thousands of her fans suffering heartbreaks.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll Twitter

Throughout the competition, both women's support for Croatia and Argentina on social media has astounded users. Fans flooded Knoll's Instagram comments section before the semi-final to wish her and Croatia luck, with one writing: "Croatia in the final."

However, fans were divided ahead of the match as to whom they wanted to see win and have sent Cortez supportive comments as well. After witnessing Croatia eliminate Brazil in the round of eight, fans surrounded Knoll, who was in Qatar for the competition.

This article was first published on December 14, 2022