Ivana Knoll: Ex-Miss Croatia Gets Mobbed on Qatar Streets, Day After Making Nude Promise if Her Country Wins World Cup [WATCH]

She posted a video of herself in public pushing through a mob with the caption: "My usual day in Doha looks like this. Guys you are the best!"

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Former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll was mobbed by a crowd on the streets of Qatar, a day after she promised that she would reveal all her assets if Croatia manages to win the Fifa World Cup 2022. On Sunday, Ivana, who is not shy of showing flesh, shared a video and a series of photos on Instagram giving a glimpse of how she is getting mobbed in Qatar.

Ivana has no problem displaying her confidence in her modeling work, and she brought it with her to Qatar, where Croatia's win over Brazil secured a surprise semifinal berth for her country. Ivana has liked donning revealing attire to World Cup games in an effort to get the attention of photographers and television cameras, despite Qatar banning skimpy outfits at the games.

World Cup's Hottest Fan

Ivana has already earned the tag of the hottest fan at the Qatar World Cup. Men have been ogling at her both in the stands and on the streets and Ivana certainly is enjoying all the attention. She is super excited about Croatia making it to the semifinals and is now gearing up to cheer for her team once again in her signature style on Tuesday.

As she waits for their semifinal match against Argentina on Tuesday, the former Miss Croatia has been seeing the sites in the capital city but she is often being interrupted by fans asking for interviews and photos.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll Twitter

She posted a video of herself in public pushing through a mob with the caption: "My usual day in Doha looks like this. Guys you are the best!"

In the video, people are seen forcing her to pose with them and are taking selfies, as she tries to move through the streets.

The video comes just a day after Ivana promised her "flag will fall" if Croatia go on to win the World Cup.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll Twitter

When Zlatko Dalic's team eliminated Brazil in the quarterfinals, it was one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. The 2018 champions tied the score late in extra time before winning a flawless penalty shootout and moving on to the semi-finals.

Ivana has liked donning bustier attire to World Cup matches to catch the eye of photographers and TV cameras, but during Croatia's match against Brazil, security approached her.

Her Bold Moves

Qatar announced ahead of the World Cup that supporters wearing skimpy outfits won't be allowed in the stadiums and warned that they face arrest and even jail if they are caught kissing in public or wearing revealing dresses.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll has been turning heads of even Qatari men Twitter

However, Ivana seems to have turned a deaf year and has been donning bustier attire throughout the tournament. And in doing so she has earned thousands of fans in Qatar.

She has been there every step of Croatia's journey, simultaneously wowing and angering World Cup fans and the Qatari locals with her raunchy red and white chequer bras and outfits.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll was questioned about her dress by security guards during Croatia vs Brazil World Cup quarterfinal match Twitter

And now if Croatia wins, the 30-year-old will go nude. German media questioned Ivana about her plans for a historic World Cup victory. And when she revealed her plans, she left nothing to the imagination.

She answered quite slyly, "If that happens, the flag falls." Ivana has established a solid reputation for herself among the fans while Luka Modric and company have been dominating on the field.

Her provocative attire, however, has not been well welcomed by everyone in Qatar, a country where it is customary for both men and women to cover their bodies. She was also recently questioned about her dress by a security officer for Croatia's win against Brazil. But Ivana has decided to continue wearing revealing attire.