Suzanne Morphew: Colorado Mom's Scattered Remains Found in Shallow Grave 3 Years After She Went Missing on Mother's Day Bike Ride

The tragic discovery comes three months after detectives confidently announced they knew where Morphew's body was.

The husband of a Colorado woman from Colorado, whose remains were found last week after a three-year search, feels relieved and confident that he will no longer be suspected of any involvement, a source has claimed. The remains of Suzanne Morphew, a mother of two, were found over three years after she didn't return home from a Mother's Day bike ride.

Morphew's bike was found discarded in a ravine near her mountain home in Salida, 140 miles south of Denver, on the day she went missing. Details about the condition of Morphew's remains and the precise location of their discovery are being withheld by the investigators.

Grim Discovery After Years

Suzanne Morphew
Suzanne Morphew X

Morphew, who went missing on May 10, 2020, made national headlines, and the case was prominently featured on the CBS News program "48 Hours." She left behind two teenage daughters and her husband, Barry Morphew. He was not only the main suspect in her disappearance but was also charged with her murder.

However, Barry is confident that his name will now be cleared after the grim discovery of his wife's remains.

The 49-year-old's remains were found during a search conducted on Friday in Moffat, a town approximately 45 miles south of her Maysville home, where she lived with her husband and two daughters, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced on Wednesday.

Suzanne Morphew
Suzanne Morphew X

The tragic discovery of Morphew's remains was accidental and came during a search by CBI agents who were combing the area as part of an unrelated investigation, not specifically related to her disappearance.

As of now, no arrests have been made since her remains were found and confirmed through positive identification on Wednesday.

Investigators said they found Morphew's remains scattered 50 miles away from where her bike was found, in Moffat, Saguache County. She had been initially buried in a shallow grave, but her bones had dispersed over the years, as confirmed by the coroner called to the site.

Barry Morphew
Barry Morphew X

"Although locating Suzanne's remains is a critical component of this investigation, and for her family, we are left with many more questions than answers, and it would be a disservice to conduct a news conference at this time," Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said in a statement.

Case Still Unsolved

The tragic discovery comes three months after detectives confidently announced they knew where Morphew's body was.

Suzanne Morphew
Suzanne Morphew X

Prosecutors had said, "she is in a very difficult situation" and gathering sufficient evidence to show she was murdered may still take years. It is unclear if authorities had targeted Moffat, where the mother of two was eventually discovered.

In May 2021, exactly a year after Suzanne's disappearance, her husband Barry Morphew was arrested and charged with her murder, even though her body had not been located. However, last year, all charges against Barry were dropped by prosecutors after a judge penalized the district attorney's office for not following proper discovery procedures.

The case was dismissed without prejudice, despite objections from the defense. This legal status means that charges can be refiled if new evidence emerges.

A source close to Barry Morphew told the US Sun that they believed he would eventually be fully cleared of the accusations.

Suzanne Morphew
Suzanne Morphew with her husband Barry and their two daughters Facebook

The Morphew's daughters, Macy and Mallory, have stood beside their father, Barry, affirming they "never had a shred of doubt" regarding his innocence.

They kept supporting him despite evidence indicating that Barry and Suzanne's 25-year marriage was on the rocks.

Suzanne had expressed concerns about their failing relationship in text messages to her best friend mere months before she went missing.

Suzanne suspected that Barry was having an extramarital affair, and she was engaged in her own long-distance relationship with a high school friend, contemplating leaving her husband for that person.

She described Barry as possessive and "narcissistic," alleging that he was attempting to turn their daughters against her.

Barry has consistently denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance and maintains that they had a great life and a strong marriage. However, he still remains the prime suspect in the case.