Suspicious Partner recently revealed the new preview stills featuring Ji Chang Wook who is seen devastated and covered in blood.

In the previous two episodes, Bang Gye Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) was seen continuing his investigation after getting a photo in Go Chan Ho (Jin Ju Hyung)'s house and following the people in the photo. In the process of it, Jung Hyun Soo with a knife stabbed Bang Gye Jang and when No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) ran over upon seeing a message Bang Gye Jang sent in advance, he was found severely injured and unconscious, Soompi reported.

Ji Wook was seen crying out in despair. The preview stills reveal that he has been crying really hard and his body is limp in Eun Bong Hee's arms. It is seen that his face and hands are all covered in blood Bong Hee's friend's ex-boyfriend just attacked her but she put her own pain aside just to console Ji Wook.

While talking about the drama, as cited by Soompi the production team explained, "Ji Wook's suspicion towards Hyun Soo turns into a whole other emotion with the incident involving Bang Gye Jang. Please watch the next broadcast to find out how Ji Wook will deal with Hyun Soo."