The surprising thing Meghan Markle and UK PM Boris Johnson have in common

Meghan Markle and Boris Johnson
Meghan Markle and Boris Johnson YouTube grab

The new Prime Minister of Britain has a tough task ahead of him and a very narrow window to prove that he can do it. However, if he does have the Royal Family behind him, that task could become much simpler. Or so, he would hope.

Recently, the Prime Minister of the United Kindom made a claim that he shares something in common with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Their taste in wines. Boris Johnson reportedly revealed that they both share the same love of a £180-a-bottle red wine.

The Brexiteer reportedly admitted that he's more of a "wine man" despite sharing a pint with many a voter, and he's particularly partial to a red Tignanello. Johnson told Politico: "Someone bought me a crate of it and I had no idea how expensive it was, and I was just glugging it back.....It's extraordinary stuff, but I mean it was delicious." Boris Johnson seems to have quite a lot of time to ponder on wines, when his country is at a crossroad. Johnson has a monumental task ahead of him, but it might be reassuring to see him so calm and unperturbed.

"I discovered later that it was the favourite wine of Meghan Markle," he added.

But to some, this nonchalance might be cause for concern. So, far, the Queen and the Royal Family's stand on Brexit are muddled at best, but if push comes to shove the Queen could be asked to withhold Royal assent for a Brexit Bill. Which would be quite a shocking move. So, Boris Johnson might have the right idea. Ingratiating yourself to the Royal Family could help his cause.

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