Meghan Markle struggling to cope with Royal life and constant criticism?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Instagram grab

The pressures of being a Royal may finally be getting to Meghan Markle. She has been putting on a brave face for the public but the constant criticism may be effecting the Duchess of Sussex after all.

The initial struggle of an adjustment could be blamed on the fish out of water situation Meghan found herself in. She was a Hollywood celebrity, but still a commoner. Her initial days as a Royal may have been a struggle, but it has been almost a year since she joined the Royal Family. And Meghan still seems to be finding her footing when it comes to being a Royal.

But royal expert Victoria Arbiter believes that Meghan and husband Prince Harry's new son Archie could help transform her life with the Royal Family. She wrote that "babies are a great leveller", which could help change what one royal insider has described as an "isolated existence." That may be true, but Meghan's behaviour when it comes to baby Archie has added to her supposed isolation. The Duchess of Sussex has gone out of her way to protect baby Archie's privacy as an extension of her own.

Meghan Markle has been alienating the press and the public with her antics and her demands for privacy even when she is at a public event like Wimbledon. It is known that Meghan is fiercely protective of her privacy and she is known to flout Royal traditions and protocol to suit her needs. If Meghan wants to have an easier life as a Royal she needs to meet the Royal Palace at least half-way, instead of moving out to Frogmore Cottage.

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