Supernova Kwangsoo in Extramarital Affair with Japanese Actress Shinohara Ryoko? Agency Reacts

KPop group Supernova's Kwangsoo's agency has clarified that Kwangsoo only shares professional relationship with Japanese actress Shinohara Ryoko.

Supernova's Kwangsoo has been embroiled in extramarital affair controversy. The KPop star and actor was rumored to be in a relationship with Japanese actress Shinohara Ryoko. Kwangsoo's agency has released a statement in this regard and has refuted these claims.

Rumors claimed that Kim Kwangsoo, 34, was involved in an intimate relationship with actress Ryoko, 47, when she was married. According to Japanese media, this affair was the reason behind actress' husband actor Ichimura Masako, 72, divorcing Ryoko.

She was married to Masako for 16 years and their divorce was finalized in July 2021. The couple has two children. During divorce process, Masako is said to have taken custody of children.

Kwangsoo Ryoko
Actors Kim Kwang Soo and Shinohara Ryoko. Mydarmalist

Kwangsoo's Agency Reacts

Reports claimed that both Ryoko and Kwangsoo lived in the same building and were seen wearing couple items on multiple occasions. Kwangsoo was quick in denying the claims of extramarital affair. His agency Management Redwoods said that Kwangsoo never had a romantic relationship with Shinohara Ryoko. "Rumors about an affair with Ryoko Shinohara are groundless. The two just have a close industry senior-junior relationship," the agency said.

Kwangsoo had debuted as a member of Supernova KPop group in 2007. He then started concentrating on building his career as an actor. He is also promoted in Japan as a singer. Rumors were based on factors such as many witnessing Kwangsoo and Ryoko wearing couple items. Japanese magazine, Weekly Munchun, reported that Kwangsoo and Ryoko Shinohara were dating. The report also claimed that both were living in the same apartment and wearing similar anklets. Kwangsoo's agency dismissed these as rumors and stated: "It seems to be a misinformation from the Japanese side."

After playing supporting role in a number of dramas including Sign, Real School, Twelve Men in a Year, Kwangsoo played the main role in Korean drama SOS Please Help Me. He became popular with the single Time To Love with T-ara. Off late, he has been busy promoting himself as a singer in Japan.

Reports also claimed that Kwangsoo is not the only member of Supernova to get embroiled in controversy. The group's member Yoonhak was suspected of testing positive for COVID-19 after meeting a prostitute in a nightclub. Yoonhak and Sung Je were also said to be involved in gambling in Philippines.

Ryoko is one of the most popular actresses in Japan. She was seen as the female lead in Netflix's Japanese drama Goldfish Wife this year. She has acted in 24 films and more than 40 TV dramas. Ryoko has not released any statement with regard to her relationship with Kwangsoo.

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