Super Mario Run: Tips and tricks to stay on top of your game

Explore the top tips and tricks to stay on top of your game while playing Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run for iOS
Super Mario Run: Tips and tricks to stay on top of your game

Nintendo has finally rolled out its auto-runner platformer game 'Super Mario Run' for iOS across 150 countries via App Store. It is a great opportunity for all Mario fans out there to relive those wonderful memories of childhood days with some glorious action and adventure in Mario's latest quest on iPhone and iPad.

IBTimes SG brings a beginners guide to Super Mario Run as you will be itching to learn the tricks of the trade, just to stay on top of your game.

Create a Nintendo account

Creating or registering a Nintendo account for the game will unlock access to exclusive in-game content, toad rally tickets and other goodies. Either redeem the toad character via gift box or collect coins through the reward section.

Time your jumps effectively

Nintendo's auto-runner platformer game gets really interesting, especially as you control the in-game character with just one-finger moves. Just tap on the screen to make a jump, while tapping and holding will make Mario to jump higher.

Alternately, you can spin in mid-air by tapping and holding, and then tapping again. You can also move backwards a bit, when you tap and hold and then swipe to the left of the screen.

Time your reverse jumps with walls

Whenever you jump, just aim to hit the wall or a brick head on, which makes Mario to collide with the wall and execute a reverse jump. This move is an ideal way to collect coins and power-ups that are beyond your reach.

Always collect those special Challenge coins

Whenever you spot those pink, purple, or black coins, you need to be extra cautious not to miss any of them, as they score you tons of points in the game.

Hit more blocks for double power-ups

Timing your jump becomes critical, if you want to double the power-ups whenever you hit a block or a group of blocks. Aim to hit the centre of the two blocks to get this right.

Use the Pause-in-Air trick to go back

Perform a high jump by tapping and holding on the screen and then swipe to the left. Right at this moment, you will pause briefly in mid air and then move back a bit.

Execute Mid-Air-Spin to grab the flag

Just jump as high as you can by tapping and holding on the screen and then execute another tap to spin in mid air, so that you move forward without dropping down abruptly. You will then have the best chance of grabbing the flag on the pole.

Arrow marks fetch you hidden rewards

Always follow the directional arrows on sign boards, which will lead you to a treasure trove of hidden items like special coins and goodies.

Resurrect yourself with Bubble power-up

Every time your character dies in the game, you can tap the bubble to release the Mario and redo the challenge in a better way to complete the mission or level.

Every Boss has a weakness

Every boss you meet in the game will have its own weakness and often you could use the terrain or environment around you to your advantage in all your boss-battles. For instance, you can drop the axe on the bridge when Bower is on it and thereby kill him instantly.

If you have not yet installed Super Mario Run on your iPhone or iPad, just download the same using the following link: Download Super Mario Run for iOS