Is Super Blue Red Moon a sign of inevitable apocalypse? Conspiracy theorists say yes

NASA/ Bill Ingalls

Super Blue Blood Red Moon, one of the rare space phenomena, is expected to happen this month end. As the date of Red Moon is nearing, conspiracy theorists have put forward a bizarre theory stating that this day will be the starting sign of an inevitable apocalypse.

Conspiracy theorists claim that during the rare lunar display, Christ will once again come to the Earth, and from then, the end days will begin. Christian believers who proclaim this theory point to a verse in Luke 21:25-26 which says that world end is imminent when signs appear in the skies.

Even though a section of Christians is strongly believing this theory, the majority consider this claim as a hoax. According to critics of this theory, the world is not going to end in the near future, and the Blue Moon day will pass uneventfully.

Even though the name of this phenomenon is 'Blue Moon', it does not produce blue light. Instead, our natural satellite will take on a red glow as it coincides with a total lunar eclipse across America. Blue Moon is very rare, and the last time the phenomenon happened was in 1866, and the next one will not happen in another ten years.

This new theory regarding world end is slowly emerging as a popular one, just like the 'Nibiru' predictions of 2016. Last year, self-proclaimed Christian preacher David Meade claimed that rogue planet Nibiru will hit the Earth in its full fury, resulting in apocalypse on September 23. As the day passed uneventfully, David Meade changed his words and stated that the world will go through a seven-year tribulation period beginning from October 15.