Sulli spotted spending time with Nam Tae Hyun

The duo were spotted together at a party hosted by photographer JDZ Chung.

Fans spot Sulli in the background of Nam Tae Hyun’s photo Instagram/jelly_jilli

South Korean actress/singer Sulli and Nam Tae Hyun have to be careful of their fans! The duo were spotted together at a party hosted by photographer JDZ Chung.

The former member of girl group f(x) had posted a photo of herself relaxing on a chair on her Instagram account. A week later, the former member of South Korean boy band WINNER shared an image of himself playing with a camera. Fans instantly noticed Sulli's shoulder in the bottom left corner of Tae Hyun's photo.

This comes after Tae Hyun was asked to leave WINNER and YG Entertainment in November. A statement from the label read: "After lengthy discussions with Nam Tae Hyun it was judged that it would be difficult for him to continue activities through WINNER. His exclusive contract got cancelled on November 18."

The note added: "The remaining members made his health and recovery the priority and hoped for improvement, but it's difficult to say when he will recover and return because it's a psychological issue he has dealt with since he was young. Although Nam Tae Hyun cannot be with WINNER now, we hope that they will be colleagues who support each other's future individual music activities. WINNER will not gain a new member and will remain as a 4-member group. We ask for a lot of support four members of WINNER who will make a new start and for Nam Tae Hyun."

Around the same time, Sulli was taken to the emergency room at the Seoul University Hospital, following a wrist injury. Fans suspected she was trying to commit suicide, however, she took to her personal Instagram, and posted a selfie assuring fans she is well. She wrote: "I got hurt by accident. I'm sorry for making you worry!"