SHINee's Minho breaks down talking about his parents

SHINee's Minho has admitted he misses his family.

Shinee's Minho
Shinee's Minho broke down while talking about his parents Facebook/shinee

SHINee's Minho got emotional while talking about his parents. The 24-year-old South Korean singer/actor, whose real name is Choi Min-ho, has admitted he misses his family.

During an episode of 48 Hours, Minho spent time with his father, and even visited his father's favorite restaurant. Minho said: "All of my family members have visited this restaurant except me."

He added: "I don't have many memories with my dad. I didn't know when I was young but my dad was dedicated and worked hard for my hyung and me. My mother also helped us to grow up stronger than anyone else."

Minho revealed: "To be honest, I often hid my feelings. I lived apart [from my family] at an early age, and I didn't want to show my busy [struggling] sides. I didn't like seeing them upset. So I tried to be strong and acted like I was tough."

Previously it was revealed Minho's mother was worried about his love life. His mother asked the singer to get a girlfriend for himself. She said: "You're already 27-years-old. That's crazy. Next year, try to get a girlfriend."