Sulli, 'Goblin', 'Your Name' most searched on Google in Korea in 2017

Google has revealed the top trending searches for 2017 and in South Korea.

Sulli (left) and a scene from 'Your Name' (Instagram and screenshot from YouTube video)
Sulli (left) and a scene from 'Your Name' Instagram and screenshot from YouTube video

Google has revealed the top trending searches for 2017 and in South Korea, it listed the most searched artists, dramas, movies and people.

The overall most searched terms on Google in South Korea for this year are:

1. "Your Name"

2. "Goblin,"

3. Sulli

4. "Molar Daddy" Lee Young Hak (accused of killing a 14-year-old)

5. Game Lineage M,

6. New President Moon Jae-in

7. Film "The Outlaws,"

8. Pokemon,

9. Late actor Kim Joo Hyuk (died in car crash last October 30)

10. Movie "Real"

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People (overall)

1. Sulli

2. Moon Jae-in

3. Kim Joo Hyuk

4. Park Geun Hye

5. North Korean defector Lim Ji-hyun

6. Hwang Hana

7. Ahn Cheol-Soo

8. Actress Kim Young-Ae

9. Hong Jun-pyo

10. Cho Yoon-sun


1. Sulli

2. Kim Joo Hyuk

3. Kim Young-ae

4. Kim Jung-min

5. Gong Yoo

6. Song Hye Kyo

7. Kim Kwang Suk


9. Lee Pa-ni

10. Yoon So Jung

TV programs

1. "Goblin"

2. "While You Were Sleeping"

3. "Show Me the Money 6,"

4. "Game of Thrones,"

5. "Temperature of Love,"

6. "Infinite Challenge,"

7. "Fight for My Way,"

8. "Because This is My First Life"

9. "Stranger"

10. "Produce 101" Season 2


1. "Your Name"

2. "The Outlaws"

3. "Real"

4. "A Taxi Driver"

5. "Midnight Runners"

6. "Misbehavior"

7. "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

8. "The Battleship Island"

9. "A Silent Voice"

10. "Dunkirk"

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