Song Hye Kyo

The economic relationship between Korea and China took a major blow post the deployment of the anti-missile defence system in Seoul earlier this year. China strongly condemned the act and even laid a temporary ban on Korean entertainment and eCommerce sites in the country. However, now it looks like South Korean President Moon Jae In is all set to revive the economic ties during his four-day visit to China on Wednesday, December 13.

This is also Moon's first visit to China since taking the presidential vows in May. But what caught the attention of many was the presence of actress Song Hye Kyo (who has a major fan following in China) and EXO-CBX members during the opening ceremony of Korea-China Economic and Trade Partnership Summit in Beijing on Thursday.

Photos from the event published on Korea Herald showed President Moon shaking hands with actress Song and EXO-CBX's Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin during the ceremony. The article further added that Song will also take part in the state dinner hosted by Chinese President Xi Jin Ping later on Thursday.

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