Sule Ambrose: Seminary Student Dies While Playing Jesus Christ' Crucifixion on Easter; Onlookers Mistake it as Part of the Play

Sule Ambrose, a 25-year-old student, died while enacting Jesus Christ's crucifixion during a play at the Clariantian University seminary in Nekede, south eastern Nigeria. Ambrose was training to be priest at the University.

Following the tragic death, the University administration suspended all Easter celebrations scheduled on the campus.

Sule Ambrose
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Onlookers Thought Ambrose's Death Was Part of the Play

In the incident which took place on Friday, Ambrose was enacting the role of Simon Peter, Jesus's most important disciple. He was wearing a long white toga for re-enactment as part of the Good Friday celebrations.

Vanguard, a Nigerian news outlet, reported that during the enactment of the play, Passion of Christ, Ambrose fell on the ground and started bleeding.

Initially, the onlookers thought that Ambrose's act was part of the play. Speaking to the outlet, Micheal Eluwa, an eyewitness, said that initially when it happened they thought it was a joke, and that it was part of the drama.

"It was when he could not get up that was when we knew it was a serious matter and he was rushed to a school hospital. Later, when the case became worse, he was taken to a nearly Federal Medical Center. It was from there we heard he could not survive it," said Eluwa.

Eyewitness Reveal Ambrose's Final Words

Speaking to Kemi Filani News, a student who witnessed the incident said that Ambrose was enacting the part where Peter cuts the ear of one of the soldiers and Jesus fixes the ear and asks Peter to let them do their wish. "You know how passionate the play is. Then it was at the point where he reproduced the words of Peter, "Lord, today I'll die with you," he advanced few steps and fell to the floor. We initially thought it was part of the drama but as soon as we saw he was bleeding, we rushed him to the hospital," added the student.

Social media users paid their tributes to Ambrose soon after reports of his tragic death surfaced. "Tears roll as Seminarian Ambrose Sule slumped while playing the role of St. Peter during the Passion of Christ drama on Good Friday, he was found vomiting blood. He was rushed to the clinic; few minutes after that, he was confirmed dead. May God rest his soul; amen," tweeted a user.