Shots Fired During House Party With 200 People in Pittsburgh; 2 Minors Dead and 9 People Wounded

As many as 11 people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds in a shooting at a house party in Pittsburgh Sunday morning. Two minors have died and some 9 people are confirmed to have been wounded in the gunfire. The shooting happened at a party in the East Allegheny neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh police commander told WTAE-TV, a television station in Pittsburgh, that more than 50 rounds were fired inside the house and several more outside. They discovered shell casings from rifles along with pistols at the crime scene.

Pittsburgh Shooting
Police at the scene of the shooting Twitter

Out of the 11 individuals taken to the hospital, two male victims succumbed to their injuries. The victims were not immediately identified. Due to the gunfire some people had been injured in their attempt to run away, some endured broken bones and lacerations when they tried jumping out of the building's windows.

The Pittsburgh police in a news release stated that the shooting occurred at a short-term rental property as a party was going on at around 12:30 am. There were at least 200 people inside, many were minors.

Pittsburgh Shooting
The rental where the shooting happened Twitter

The police are continually processing evidence at around roughly 8 different crime scenes stretching towards few neighboring blocks where the shooting happened. There still hasn't been any information revealed by the authorities on the suspects.

This incident comes just days after a mass shooting happened at a subway station near Brooklyn's Sunset Park in New York City, injuring 29 people.