Sudden loss of smell and taste? It's a tell-tale sign you have Coronavirus, says British study

Experts say several patients who tested positive for the coronavirus had experienced a loss of smell and taste before diagnosis.

According to the leading rhinologists in the UK, the loss of the sense of smell could be the tell tale sign that someone is infected with the coronavirus and is a "hidden carrier". The evidence suggests that there might be no other symptoms but the loss of the sense would be a possible clue to having Covid-19.

The experts from the UK said that the patients who tested positive for the Covid-19 in South Korea, China, and Italy had reported anosmia or hyposmia, which is the loss of the sense of smell. Some of the patients were reported to have the loss of the sense of taste as well, apart from the more common symptoms of fever and cough.

In a joint statement the president of the British Rhinological Society Clare Hopkins and the president of the British Association of Otorhinolaryngology Nirmal Kumar said that 30 percent of the cases reported in South Korea had reported the loss of the scent in the patients. The statement also said that there was a rapid increase in the number of patients displaying this symptom instead of the usual symptom previously recorded.

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Lack of a recognised symptom

Several countries such as Iran and South Korea have reported that there have been more patients in recent days who show the signs like anosmia. The symptom is largely viewed in young patients. The lack of having a recognised symptom would mean that they are unlikely to be detected immediately. The statement also mentioned that the patients who have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus with this symptom could have spread the virus prior to the recognition of the symptom.

Professor Kumar said during an interview that the young patients would sometimes not display the usual signs of a cough or high fever but will have the loss of the sense of smell. This can be because of the virus being lodged in the nose.

The doctors said in the statement that the people displaying these symptoms should self-isolate themselves for at least a week. Several other authoritative figures including American Academy of Otolaryngology confirmed through their website on Sunday that this could also be a symptom of the Covid-19.

Rudy Gobert says he has lost the sense of smell

Rudy Gobert
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The NBA star admitted that he lost the sense of smell before being tested positive for the Covid-19. The NBA suspended its season after several tested positive for Covid-19. Rudy Gobert faced a lot of criticism for talking negatively about the coronavirus. He was tested positive soon after he created a mocking video of the virus. Following the NBA the NHL, MLS, and MLB have also suspended the season.

Gober tweeted recently saying that he has also lost the sense of smell because of the new virus. He has also asked if the people experienced the same symptom because of the new virus.

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