Suchana Seth: Killer CEO Mother Murdered Son to Keep Estranged Husband from Meeting Child Amid Divorce Filing

Suchana Seth
Suchana Seth Facebook/Twitter

Chilling details have emerged of the shocking murder of a four-year-old boy allegedly by his mother - the CEO of an AI firm in Bengaluru.

Suchana Seth, 39, allegedly carried out the diabolical crime in a Goa hotel just to prevent her estranged husband from meeting their son as part of visitation rights, sources revealed to India Today.

Seth Arrested in Goa After Hotel Staff Noticed Blood Stains, Realized Child was Missing

Seth, CEO of The Mindful AI Lab, was arrested in Karnataka's Chitradurga on Monday morning while transporting her son's body in a bag, allegedly after killing him in a hotel in Candolim in north Goa on Saturday.

The hotel staff were alerted by blood stains they noticed while cleaning the room after
Seth checked out on Monday. Their suspicion was fuelled by the fact that she had arrived with her son but left alone.

Suchana Seth
Suchana Seth with her son. Facebook

"The woman had requested the hotel staff to arrange a taxi for her, to which they said that a flight to Bengaluru would be cheaper than a taxi. But, she still insisted on a taxi and immediately checked out. After the checkout, when the hotel staff went to clean the room, they found red-coloured stains which they assumed to be blood," said Nidhin Valson, North Goa's Superintendent of Police.

This led them to alert the local police, who in turn contacted the driver of the taxi that Seth had hired to return to Bengaluru. Through the driver, the police then talked to Seth and inquired about her son to which she said that the child had been staying at a friend's place. However, the police found the address provided by the woman to be fake.

Seth's Husband Recently Filed for Divorce, was Unhappy with Court Order Allowing Husband to Visit Son

Suchana Seth
Suchana Seth Facebook

According to the preliminary probe, Suchana Seth and her husband had filed for divorce. She was reportedly unhappy with a court order allowing her estranged husband to meet their son every Sunday. Consequently, she allegedly planned to kill her son just a day before the scheduled meeting, according to sources.

Police said that the husband was not in the country when the crime was committed.

"Prima facie, during our initial inquiry, the lady mentioned that she had a troubled relationship with her husband, and their divorce process was nearly finalised. There was also a court order causing distress to her. Interrogation is ongoing, and we are required to present her before the court. The motive is yet to be confirmed; this is what she conveyed to our investigators. We need to review the court order before making further statements," said Nidhin Valson, North Goa's Superintendent of Police.