Struggling Florida Singer Apologizes After Her Racist Behavior Towards Nail Salon Worker Goes Viral

Corina Monica, a Florida-based struggling recording artist, was filmed telling a nail salon worker to go back to her country.

A video of a struggling recording artist from Florida launching a racist rant against a nail technician and asking her to go back to her country is being widely circulated on social media.

The woman, identified as Corina Monica, was secretly filmed berating a nail salon worker at Kelly Kouture in Tampa, Florida, and making racist remarks towards the employee, who is of Asian descent. Her video is now plastered across all social media platforms, prompting her to post a teary-eyed apology.

The clip, covertly shot from a distance, shows Monica arguing with a nail professional who was working on her nails and refused to serve her halfway through the session.

'Go Back to Your F**king Country'

Corina Monica
Corina Monica in a still from her music video on YouTube YouTube

''You took my nails off, what am I supposed to do now?'' she asks the nail technician, who responds with, ''You can have another professional help you.'' However, she refuses to pay heed to the suggestion and snaps back saying, ''Oh that's real professional sister!''

'Where are you from?" Monica then asks the woman before going on her racist rant. ''You come to this country, work here, don't do what's right for our citizens? You make money, you live in my country, you gonna tell me you can't do my nails b***h?"

"Go back to your f**king country," she adds before the nail technician asks her to leave the establishment.

'I'm Going to Blow the F*ck Up'

Monica then quotes rapper Bhad Bhabhie's infamous words from her interview on 'Dr. Phil.'''Yeah b***h? Make me leave. Meet me outside. 'Cash' me outside. How about that? I am crazy as f**k. I will f**k you up," she says, inciting laughter from the employees.

"B***h, I'm smarter than any of you'll. As a matter of fact I'm an independent artist, a recording artist and I'm gonna blow the f**k up," Monica brags before suggesting that they're going to beg her to come to the salon and get her nails done because she's going to be famous. "Check me out, Corina Monica. Stay flossy."

It turns out the main music video on Monica's official YouTube channel has less than 9,000 views and over 1,500 dislikes. "Cause you know what? That b***h ain't flossy, this place ain't flossy... y'all suck... hope you f**king lose this place," she says before the video ends. Watch the clip below:

Video Apology

Not long after facing backlash over her racist tirade, Monica posted a video of herself apologizing for her "inhumane" behavior.

"Today, I made a terrible mistake. I was inhumane and a terrible person," she says in the video. "I said some filth that was undeserved."

"I want to apologize to the salon. I want to apologize to the woman, I believe her name is Kelly. I want to apologize to the owner and I want to apologize to the Asian community," she adds.

Ironically, although the identity of the nail technician who was targeted by Monica remains unknown, what we do know is that the victim of her harassment was born in the United States while Monica is from Romania and moved to America at the age of nine.