Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Standing Egg to sing new track for the drama

According to the reports, the new song expresses the emotions of the main characters of the drama.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Actors Park Hying-sik, Ji Soo and Park Bo-young in a still from JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.'

A new track will be released by Standing Egg for the new and increasingly popular JTBC's drama "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon." Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji Soo starrer series has got its first OST sung by Apink's Jung Eun Ji titled, "You're My Garden", Suran sang "Heartbeat" as the second OST and now, Standing Egg will be releasing the third OST of drama called "What If".

According to the reports, the new song expresses the emotions of the main characters of the drama Ahn Min Hyuk (played by Park Hyung Sik) and Do Bong Soon (played by Park Bo Young).

Soompi mentioned that a part of the song goes, "What if I went to you right now? I will run to you regardless of regrets so please hold me with open arms. What if I loved you?"

During the first episode of the drama, "What If" was being played and since then the viewers had been requesting for the release of the song.

Meanwhile, this new drama, "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" is gaining popularity gradually. Not only does it have a great feedback from the viewers, the drama is also receiving record-breaking viewership ratings since its first episode.

According to reports, the first episode of the said drama gathered 3.8 percent ratings, creating a record for JTBC for the first episode of a drama. After the first episode, the ratings gradually rose instead of staying around those numbers only. The second episode of the said drama achieved 5.8 percent, episode three ratings rose higher and gathered 6.1 percent, and the next episode reached 8 percent ratings. This kind of gradual rise in the ratings is rare in the JTBC's history.

However, episode five's ratings fell, mainly because of the special broadcast of ex-president Park Geun Hye's removal from office. But the ratings went up again for episode six gathering 8.7 percent.

This article was first published on March 12, 2017