Strong Woman Do Bong Soon soaring high as it brings gender equality on the forefront

Well, the drama manages to break the stereotype of men wooing women, and trying to win over them

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon
Actors Park Hyung-sik, Park Bo-young and Ji-soo during a Press Conference for JTBC's 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.'

The new Korean JTBC drama, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which is soaring high from the time it premiered on February 24 is because of some solid reasons which cannot be neglected. The romantic comedy drama tries to bring in gender quality with light and entertaining storyline.

For those who are not aware of the story of the drama, it is about a woman, Do Bong Soon played by Park Bo Young who is strong. She is so strong that she accidentally breaks everything she touches. The superheroine knows that with great power comes great responsibility, and she showcases it when required. However, she is gentle creature, very kind and wouldn't even hurt a fly. However, Park Bo Young's character hides her superpowers, due to social prejudices the society has against strong women.

The lead actress of the drama has a huge crush on In Gook Doo played by Ji Soo, her beloved childhood friend. Unfortunately, the actor which defines maximum males, not only in Korea but in the rest parts of the world, as well, likes overly feminine girls and of course, not someone like Bong Soon.

Well, the drama manages to break the stereotype of men wooing women, and trying to win over them, as here, the lead actress tries to win over him.

The path-breaking storyline is on its way to be recorded as one of the most-watched dramas of JTBC, which is currently set by Childless Comfort in 2013.

Reportedly, culture critic Jung Duk Hyun said: "The real message the drama wants to deliver will be by showing how Do realizes her special abilities are nothing to hide but a gift and she comes to love herself."

Duk Hyun further added: "In order to do so, the drama will take up the task of breaking discrimination and prejudice about gender roles in this society. The drama will ultimately ask the society what's wrong with a strong woman."

According to reports, the first episode of the said drama gathered 3.8 percent ratings, creating a record for JTBC for the first episode of a drama. After the first episode, the ratings gradually rose instead of staying around those numbers only. The second episode of the said drama achieved 5.8 percent, episode three ratings rose higher and gathered 6.1 percent, and the next episode reached 8 percent ratings. This kind of gradual rise in the ratings is rare in the JTBC's history.

This article was first published on March 15, 2017