Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: The cast reveals their favourite scenes and lines from the drama

Park Hyung Sik revealed his best part from the drama is from episode 14, in which Ahn Min Hyuk stares at Bong Soon and says, "Please look at me. Please love me."

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik
Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik Youtube/JTBC

As the romantic-comedy drama of JTBC, "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" is to wrap up soon after it airs the last two episodes this weekend, the lead actors of the drama revives the memories of the drama by revealing their favourite part and favourite line from the show.

According to Soompi, The lead actress of the drama, Park Bo Young who played the role of herculean heroine Do Bong Soon revealed her favourite part from the drama is from the fifth episode where Do Bong Soon confronts a pervert Park Bo Young said, "I liked the scene also because it felt good to act out the change in Do Bong Soon's perspective [on her powers]."

Bo Young revealed her favourite line is from the drama's episode seven where Do Bong Soon and her mother has a clash and Do Bong Soon tearfully says, "You raised me while always putting me last. Do you think I wanted to be born like this? Why do you hate only me?...We're both your children but why are you always unfair to only me? You're a woman too so why are you always mean to only me?"

Park Bo Young further explained, "It took a long time to prepare for this scene and many of my friends really liked it, especially those who grew up with brothers."

The lead actor of the drama, Park Hyung Sik, who plays the role of a CEO of a video game company Ahn Min Hyuk revealed his best part from the drama is from episode 14, in which Ahn Min Hyuk says Bong Soon, "Please look at me. Please love me."

Park Hyung Sik explained saying, "I don't think I've ever experienced a more thoughtful and emotional scene before. Even thinking about it now, I can still feel lingering emotions in my heart from that scene that I just can't explain in words."

Ji Soo playing the role of In Guk Doo, chooses a part from the upcoming episode as his favourite saying, "When I first read the synopsis for the drama, I really liked the aspect in which these three characters come together to achieve justice. The scene I am thinking of from episode 15 best illustrates this aspect of the drama, which is why it is my favourite scene."

Whereas, the favourite line of the actor is when In Guk Doo asks Do Bong Soon about spending the night in Ahn Min Hyuk's home saying, "Why are we just friends?" and further goes on to say, "Make sure to lock the doors when you stay at that CEO's house. Ahn Min Hyeok is definitely not gay."

This article was first published on April 14, 2017