The JTBC drama, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's new behind-the-scenes video shows off Park Bo Young's action skills. In the clip, Park Bo Young is seen practicing the fight scenes for the popular 1 vs. 30 fights in order to perform perfectly. Her hard work paid off as the viewers would know how flawlessly Bo Young performed in that scene.

In the clip, Bo Young is seen practicing the fight scenes with her manager. The manager complains jokingly that he feels he is being used as the target to practice the fight scenes to which Park Bo Young smiles and pats his back, thanking him for all the help, Soompi reported

Park Bo-young
Park Bo-young in an official still from drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.'

On the set, the cast and crew of the drama are seen laughing as the actors ad-lib parts of the fight scene were for humorous effect. Park Bo Young, however, gathers her emotions for the tearful scene in which she is seen crying over Park Hyung Sik, as his character is stabbed while trying to protect Bong Soon. Bo Young starts crying as the director commands and stops immediately after director's 'cut' showing off his amazing acting skills.

Meanwhile, soon after the drama ends, the whole cast and crew of "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" will be out on a vacation to Bali as a reward for their hard work, also, to celebrate the success of the drama which received high ratings from the premiere. Though, there was a dip in the ratings two weeks ago, with last week's episodes the JTBC drama bounced back in viewer ratings.

After the romantic-comedy drama wraps up, the upcoming JTBC drama "Man To Man" will start airing in its place.