Watch: Stray Kids Unveils New Teaser Video for Song Cheese from Upcoming Studio Album NOEASY

Stray Kids has unveiled a new teaser video for their song Cheese from their upcoming studio album NO EASY on August 3, and K-pop fans are flooding Twitter with messages about it. The track shows each of the band members dealing with their hardships with a smile on their faces.

The lyrics of this track indicate that the young Korean heartthrobs are trying to tell their fans to keep smiling no matter what happens. According to the track, there is no point in getting worried about the problems and increasing stress.

The young Korean heartthrobs will be releasing their next studio album later this month, and they are yet to share the track list for it. As of now, the fans have just got hold off an album preview for the limited edition version of the project, and a cinematic trailer that is titled NOEASY: Thunderous Trailer.

Stray Kids
Stray Kids unveils new video track. Twitter/Stray Kids

'Love This Concept'

Why do you have to hit this hard besties? Haters might cry loudly crying face. But this is so satisfying, a K-pop fan wrote

They look so damn stunning!!! I love this concept sm, suits them so well, another K-pop fan tweeted.

That's some A-class bashing lyrics to the Antis.Skz straight up said "is it funny? then laugh *CHEESE* i'mma still make a kick-ass song out of it" lmao," a follower of Stray Kidz commented.

This clips and verse is literally skz telling ant1s that since they already know every song skz has, why don't they just admit they like it, smile and say cheese for the camera to capture them? Another follower of the Stray Kids stated.

Cheese about to spit on the god's menu and side effects haters, yup it's called cheese. only my favs could pull it off, a Twitter user wrote.

StrayKids are sooooo cool for this! Omg fkn rebelious Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceI'm loving this already, can't wait to see what the whole album holds," a music lover tweeted.

CHEESE" although they mentioned all types of cheese, its actually also a metaphor to the word when u SMILE for photos. plus the other lyrics, theyre literally telling people who have nothing to smile about their life to just be happy and not miserable for once, another music lover wrote.

Stray Kids will release their upcoming studio album NOEASY on August 3.