Stranger Things tutorial: Where to find all Eggos

In this tutorial, you will learn all Eggo locations in Stranger Things: The Game.

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Stranger Things: The Game Chapter 2 wallpaper (App Unwrapper/YouTube)

Stranger Things: The Game has tonnes of hidden items across the game for players to collect. Eggos are only one of them.

Eggos are tucked away in different levels of the game. In most part, you will need to defeat the bosses before you obtain the Eggos. In this tutorial, you will learn where to locate all Eggos in Stranger Things: The Game.

All Eggos locations on Stranger Things

Here are the locations of all Eggos on Stranger Things mobile game based on the number in the inventory. This way, you will know which ones you are missing out on.

Eggo #1

Inside the Hawkins National Laboratory, the first boss awaits you. Take down the boss so he will drop your first Eggo.

Eggo #2

Another boss is waiting in the Forest Maze. Defeating the opponent will get you another Eggo. However, it is not easy as it seems. The strategy here is to change your characters during the match.

Eggo #3

At the end of the Middle School dungeon is a boss called Conspicuous Van. Finish him and get the third Eggo.

Eggo #4

Inside the Sewers, kill the boss to get your fourth Eggo.

Eggo #5

At the Public Library level, the boss the waiting. You will have to summon him in a match and defeat him to drop the Eggo.

Eggo #6

The sixth Eggo is at the Hawkins Lab Bunker. Finish the boss before you can take the Eggo.

Eggo #7

The seventh Eggo is in Wheeler's House. In the southwestern part of the town. There is a refrigerator inside the house where the item is hidden.

Eggo #8

The eighth and final Eggo can be found inside of Bradley's Big Buy store. After you get Nancy, get inside the store and head over to the northeastern part of the store. Nancy can smash the cracked wall and get past it to find the freezer where the Eggo is tucked away.

Stranger Things: The Game is available for download on iOS App Store and Google Play.

This article was first published on October 10, 2017