Middle-earth: Shadow of War: How to interrogate Worms

With this Shadow of War tutorial, you will learn how to approach Worms and interrogate them.

middle-earth shadow of war how to interrogate worms
A screenshot of Talion fighting an army of enemies (Shadow of War)

Worms on Middle-earth: Shadow of War are Talion's main source of information about Captains. However, capturing them for interrogation can be quite a demanding task, more so if they are locked up in a fortress surrounded by other enemies. With this Shadow of War tutorial, you will learn how to make your way through these enemies and get yourself near the Worms.

Worms are usually distinguished on the minimap and in the Wraith World with green, diamond-shaped icons. In some instances, they may be hard to spot but you just have to persevere. Once you find one, you have to immediately form a strategy on how to attack the Worm.

How to interrogate Worms

The first thing you can do is to set yourself on a higher ground near the Worm. It may not easily spot you, but you have to be extra careful because they are very cautious and skittish. Once it senses you, it is gone in a snap.

As you stand on a higher ground near the Worm, activate the interrogate option to seize the Worm from above.

In an instance where there is no higher ground near the Worm, the best option is to quickly and quietly approach the Worm. A caveat though, you have to look for enemy patrols nearby as they may be just scenting on the ground. Once you are in the right position, grab your chance with the Worm as fast as possible.

One good thing about interrogating Worms is that they cannot harm you so long as the enemy patrols do not catch you red-handed. Interrogating Worms will show you every available Captain in the vicinity. You can see details of the available Captain.

After completing the interrogation process, make sure you know whether you are ready or not to take on a Captain based on the details you have seen. If you just run up to a Worm and there are tonnes of its allies surrounding you, you have to fight your way out. If you chance upon a high ground, make your way through it. Once you successfully secure yourself from the enemies, killing a Captain should be easy for you.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is now available on PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Windows PC.

This article was first published on October 10, 2017