Stranger Things fans confirm Jim Hopper's return?

Russian fans of the show on Reddit are convinced that the prisoner at the end of season 3 is Jim Hopper.

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Stranger Things season 3 left many fans heartbroken when it appeared that David Harbour's character may have been killed in a dramatic and mysterious way.

And if there is any mystery surrounding a fan favourite's death, there will be fans looking for any clue to see if the character will be returning or not. As expected, Russian fans have claimed that they've discovered a clue about the identity of 'The American' that was spoken of in the final scene of the season.

According to the Reddit users, the Russian soldiers who spoke of their prisoner used the male version of the term 'American' when they whispered. This could mean that Hopper has actually been taken captive following the dramatic end of the season that saw him disappear.

This seems like quite the tenuous clue. But we have to say that it is unlikely that David Harbour is done with Stranger Things. Perhaps a casting sheet for the next season will put fans at ease, or perhaps not.

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Speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this month, the actor said: 'Well, here's the thing. I always knew that Hopper had to make a sacrifice.

'Like, he's a jerk, and he also needs to pay for that in some way... so I thought he'd make the sacrifice.'

The star then began to worry about his future on the show, telling the host 'I haven't gotten many phone calls', before making the decision to call Matt and Ross Duffer live on air. The showrunners did not outright answer David's question about his character's fate. They said that they were still figuring things out. That indeed does sounds ominous for Jim Hopper.

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