Stephen Hawking's private ventilator donated to a hospital by his daughter to fight Coronavirus

  • Family of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking decided to donate his private ventilator to help fight COVID-19

  • Daughter Lucy donates it to a Cambridge hospital

As coronavirus cases rise, charity and donations have also increased. Family of the famous, late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking donated his private ventilator today to further help the COVID-19 patients in times of ventilator and PPE scarcity.

The donation was made by Prof Hawking's daughter Lucy Hawking to the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge as coronavirus patients increase, according to the hospital's release. The English journalist Lucy said, "Our father received brilliant, dedicated and compassionate medical care from both Royal Papworth and Addenbrooke's hospitals in Cambridge."

Prof Hawking was a ventilated patient and Royal Papworth hospital "was incredibly important" to him as it helped him in difficult times, said Lucy, that was when the family thought that the hospital would be in the forefront in the fight against COVID-19, while they got in touch with "old friends" in order to help.

The inspiring scientist

Lucy with Stephen Hawking
Lucy with Stephen Hawking NASA

Hawking, who has inspired many to take up science, is known for his theory on black holes –emitting hawking radiation –suffered from motor neuron disease, died in March 2018. He was diagnosed with the disease when he was 21 and he continued contributing to science till his death.

After the author of A Brief history of time passed away, the family returned all the medical equipment he used which belonged to the NHS, however, there were some he privately owned. "We are now passing them to the NHS in the hope they will help in the fight against COVID-19," said Lucy.

Hawking's Ventilator
Doctors recieved Prof. Hawking's ventilator Royal Papworth Hospital

Royal Papworth Hospital had more than doubled its critical care departments than its normal capacity. Additional ventilator supplies were given from the NHS, to which the Scientist's was added today. Dr Mike Davies of the hospital said that they were grateful for the Hawking family.

The UK is reported to currently have almost 10,000 ventilators. The Health Secretary had estimated that the country needed 18,000 ventilators. UK is has confirmed 130,184 coronavirus cases until today with more than 17,370 deaths.

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