Humanity thrives: Why this taxi driver received 40 second applause and respect by doctors?

  • Taxi driver who helped ferry patients and the needy routinely to hospital for free, in return received much deserved respect

  • The footage of it is viewed by more than 11 million already

A taxi driver in Madrid got a surprise standing ovation and applause after he went to a hospital. Here's why the driver got a much deserved attention that shows humanity thrives.

This taxi driver is used to help ferry patients and the needy routinely to hospital for free, as a service to those affected by the coronavirus. Health care workers got impressed by his act and planned to surprise him by a humanitarian act.

Surprise to Taxi driver
Surprise to Madrid taxi driver Twitter Screengrab

He was lured to a health center in the city such that he thought he had to pick up a patient to help. When he was reached, the healthcare workers gave him a standing ovation and handed over an envelope containing money in order to thank him for his help to coronavirus patients, reported Independent.

Greeted with applause lasting more than 40 seconds from many medicos lined up with standing ovation just inside the entrance of 'Ramon y Cajal' health centre of Alcorcon, the driver appeared to be moved with tears after this. Added to which he was also handed COVID-19 test results that showed he was not tested positive for novel coronavirus, reported El Pais

11 million views

On Saturday, a video of the incident was shared by the Spanish taxi union on social media. It received more than 11 million views until today.

Deputy Mayor of Alcorcon city council, Jesus Santos Gimeno was one among those who shared the footage. He wrote "In solidarity, we will get out of this."

More than 75,000 free lifts

This came at time when 80 percent of the taxi company profits were lost just within few days of the Spain's lockdown, as per a local media. Even after such income drop the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid estimated that the area drivers gave at least 75,000 free lifts just during one month of lockdown, from across 300 different health centres.

Taxi drivers, Spain
Taxi Drivers helping the needy for free Twitter

On the same day, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that he would be seeking an extension of two weeks to the existing lockdown.

Spain's coronavirus death toll is more than 20,850, while confirmed cases crossed 200,210. The country is one of the worst coronavirus hit countries, next to US.

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