Stephen Broderick: Austin Shooting Suspect Complained About Divorce, Kids on Social Media Before Killing Wife, Daughter

Stephen Broderick shot and killed three people, including his wife and his daughter, at an apartment complex in Austin on Sunday, April 18.

Stephen Broderick, 41, was arrested by authorities after a 19-hour manhunt early Monday over the fatal shooting of three people, including his wife and daughter in Austin, Texas.

Broderick is accused of shooting and killing his wife, 35-year-old Amanda Broderick, their 17-year-old step-daughter, Alyssa Broderick, and her daughter's boyfriend, 18-year-old Willie Simmons at an apartment complex on Sunday before fleeing the scene. Stephen and Amanda's son was also present during the shooting but was later found unharmed away from the scene and taken care of by officers.

'Get Divorced, Get F*cked by the Court'

Stephen Broderick
Stephen Broderick (left), his wife Amanda Broderick and his step-daughter Alyssa Broderick. Twitter

As reported by The Daily Beast, a username linked to Stephen that goes by "slammedcavi254," mostly posted about the video game Call of Duty: Warzone, his other posts reflected a disturbed personal and romantic life.

In one of the posts from six months ago, Stephen responded to a question asking for a male equivalent of the phrase "happy life, happy wife," with "Get divorced, get f*cked by the court." He later added, "Currently playing this game, no restarts, no extra lives, no cheat codes."

On a sub-reddit with people offering advice on how to "move on" when "she isn't replying to your texts," he wrote, "Thanks to all. Experiencing this right now."

'Don't Forget to Pull Out'

Answering another question about how people managed to win over their step-children on an r/AskReddit forum, he replied, "Got a divorce." In another post, replying to a request for "a simple tip that could save someone's life," he wrote "don't forget to pull out."

Stephen also spent time in the r/seduction sub-reddit, posting approving comments in response to a thread recommending intense and continuous eye contact to seduce women, and to a user who wrote "She got a hole, ain't she? A heartbeat?" when describing a woman's attractive traits.

Stephen, a former property crimes detective with the Travis County Sheriff's Office, was arrested for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old family member in June 2020 after his wife, Amanda, reported the incident to law enforcement, according to the Austin-American Statesman. Shortly after his arrest, Amanda filed for divorce and requested requested a protective order against him.