Starlink Gets Green Light From The US Federal Communication Commission to Expand Services to Moving Vehicles

This authorization will include establishing connections with ships and vehicles like semitrucks and RVs.

The US Federal Communications Commission has allowed SpaceX to utilize Starlink satellite internet for moving vehicles.

As per FCC international bureau chief Tom Sullivan, this authorization will provide an opportunity to expand the range of broadband capabilities to meet the growing user demands.

SpaceX had submitted a request for approval last year as it planned to expand from serving stationary customers. This authorization includes establishing connections with ships and vehicles like semitrucks and RVs.

Starlink Approval

The FCC however, mentioned a few requirements that must be satisfied by SpaceX. The first being that the private spaceflight company should accept 'any interference' received from the authorized present and future services, CNBC reported.

The second mentioned that in terms of investment in Starlink from FCC, it has to undertake the risk that some operations could possibly be affected by additional 'conditions or requirements'.

Currently with more than 400,000 subscribers, SpaceX has launched over 2,700 Starlink Satellites since 2019.

Anticipating this decision, the private spaceflight company has signed early deals with commercial air carriers like Hawaiian Airlines and semiprivate charter provider JSX for in-flight Wi-Fi on planes, as per Wion News.

Starlink Approval

Jonathan Hofeller, Starlink's commercial sales chief, in an aviation conference earlier this month said that he hopes passengers will be 'wowed' by the experience.

Apart from SpaceX, the FCC has also granted permission to another satellite company, Kepler Communications, allowing a new class of user terminals to be created that can connect to broadband-beaming satellites while on the move.

The commission however, has stated that it will continue to conduct analysis and both Kepler and SpaceX will be required to adhere to any future rules or changes decided by the FCC.

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