Stanford produces most startups, but Harvard gets most funding

Here is the list of universities and colleges with most funded alum-founded start-ups.

stanford vs hardvard battle of startups
Stanford and Harvard lead top alumni-founded start-ups. Reuters

A recent report has revealed the top universities in the US as the global leaders in producing the world's most funded startups. Two interesting results show Stanford University alumni launched the most number of startups, but Harvard University alumni-founded startups are most highly capitalised.

Ivy League schools are apparently leading the startup game followed by esteemed technology institutes and state research universities. According to a new Crunchbase report, it comes as no surprise that Stanford emerges this year as the top institution to have produced alumni-founded startups.

Stanford produces most startups

A data mapping out the alumni-founded startups with more than US$1m in funding from 16 August 2016 to 17 August 2017 shows Silicon Valley, California-based Stanford University has produced 195 of them. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) follows with 134, Harvard with 95, University of California (UC) Berkeley with 85 and Cornell with 83.

stanford university startup

Harvard startups get most money

But as to the question who raised the most money, startups founded by Harvard alumni emerge on top with a total of US$6.75bn in funding. Stanford follows with US$5.8bn, Baruch College with US$4bn, University of Chicago with US$3.55bn and MIT with US$3.47bn.

harvard university startups

Based on the results, Crunchbase notes the university that has most alumni-founded startups is not equal to the idea of getting more funding, citing New York-based Baruch College with only four alumni-founded startups.

Adam Neumann, chief executive and founder of co-working space company WeWork, is a Baruch alum. In the past year, WeWork was able to raise US$4bn.