Stan Kirsch: Highlander TV series and Friends actor dies aged 51 in an apparent suicide

Highlander TV series and Friends actor Stan Kirsch was found dead at his home in Los Angeles

Stan Kirsch, popular for his roles in the Highlander TV series and comedy sitcom Friends has died aged 51. The actor's wife Kristyn Green took to Twitter to thank all her near and dear ones for their support at this crucial time. She wrote, "I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support. I haven't been able to respond to all the texts, calls, emails - but have read or listened to every single one of them. I feel surrounded by love and am forever grateful to each and every one of you." Kirsch's body was found at his home in Los Angeles and according to TMZ reports, the actor died of an apparent suicide.

Kirsch had featured in the popular sitcom Friends in which he played a memorable cameo in the episode titled The One with the Ick Factor. The actor played the character of Ethan, a young man who was dating the character Monica, played by Courteney Cox in the sitcom.

Kirsch, who played Richie Ryan in six seasons of the popular sci-fi fantasy adventure Highlander, a descendant of the 1986 film, was also a child artist. Meanwhile, a message on the Stan Kirsch Studios Facebook page was shared which read, "We tragically lost our beloved Stan Kirsch on January 11th."

Stan Kirsch
Stan Kirsch dies at 51

Kirsch had worked in both film and television. Some of his unforgettable performances in film and TV include Shark in a Bottle, Reason Thirteen, Straight Eye: The Movie, Shallow Ground, Deep Rescue, The Sky's On Fire, Love Boat: The Next Wave, Family Law, First Monday. Kirsch also ran an acting studio in Hollywood with his wife Green and was working as an acting coach until he died.