Spotify Sleep Timer: Find out how to enable it on your iPhone or iPad

Spotify's latest update for iOS and iPadOS devices adds the highly anticipated Sleep Timer feature, read below to know what it does and how can you activate it

Spotify's Sleep Timer feature, which basically which stops the music playback after a specific amount of time, has been available on the Android version of the app for quite some time now, and this week, the feature is finally making its way to iPhone and iPad devices.

What is a Sleep Timer?

Sleep Timer is essentially a feature that allows users to fall asleep to Spotify playlists without having to worry about switching it off or having it play all night and disturb their sleep later. The feature lets users set a countdown timer, between five minutes and an hour, and once the time runs out the audio fades out and the playback is stopped automatically.


The feature is useful for those who don't want their iPhone to play through their carefully compiled playlist or podcast series while they're asleep. It can also help conserve battery as well as your data if you're not using Wi-Fi.

How to turn it on?

As per Engadget, Spotify users on iPhone and iPad devices will now be able to enjoy the feature once the app is updated to the latest version. The feature should be available worldwide to all users as of today, but it could take some time for the update to appear in the App Store for everyone so if you don't see the function in the Spotify app, check back later in the day, by which time the rollout should have hopefully reached you.

If you have downloaded the update already, follow these steps to turn on Sleep Timer:

One way to tell if the feature is activated is by the moon icon that appears next to the playback controls. If you set a time and you haven't fallen asleep yet, you can choose to either disable Sleep Timer or add more time to the countdown.