Spanish football coach passes away after contracting the Coronavirus

Garcia is the youngest person to die of the virus in Malaga

Following a joint diagnosis of the coronavirus and leukaemia, a Spanish football coach named Francisco Garcia passed away at the age of 21 in Malaga, Spain, on Sunday.

The 21-year-old youth team coach of Malaga-based Atletico Portada Alta is one of the youngest fatalities to be reported in Spain. After he complained about breathing trouble he was asked to seek medical attention which revealed that he was suffering pneumonia. He soon received his cancer diagnosis which said that he was suffering from leukaemia.

Pep Bueno, the club president of Atletico Portada Alta told reporters that he had received a call from the hospital saying that he was in a stable condition. The death was first announced in Atletico Portada Alta's social media pages.

Spanish Football Coach Garcia
Spanish Football Coach Garcia Instagram/Atletico Portada Alta

Heartbreaking tribute to the Coach

Garcia has been involved with football his entire life. He was coaching young kids at Atletico Portada Alta and the club posted an emotional statement on Monday talking about Garcia after his death on Instagram.

A picture posted on the social media platform had the caption which read "We want to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of our coach Francisco Garcia, who has left us in tragic circumstances."

Garcia is the fifth person to die in the province due to coronavirus. Similar to the other cases that were reported in the country, Garcia was seen to be having pneumonia which led to further complications when it was revealed that he has cancer as well. The health authorities said that if he was not suffering from a severe case of cancer then he would not have passed away.

In the whole of Andalucia, Malaga has reported the most cases of the Covid-19. There have been around 180 infections and five deaths in the province alone. In Spain, there have been 309 deaths so far which has prompted a state of emergency in the country.

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