South Korean star Kim Min Ah being tested for coronavirus

Confirmed cases of coronavirus have risen to 763 as on Monday morning and seven deaths have been reported

South Korean actress and anchor, Kim Min Ah, is being tested for the novel coronavirus amid reports of COVID-19 spreading rapidly in the country. She left the sets early as she was suffering from fever and body ache—symptoms of the virus.

Kim Min Ah is known for her performance in Jang Sung Kyu's YouTube series Workman. She is also popular as the host of League Champions Korea (LCK) live weekly broadcast.

The show is usually shot with spectators who are given a chance to watch the shooting live at LoL Park. But due to coronavirus spread, last week's show was performed without any spectators. The last telecast of LCK was played between Sandbox Gaming and Damwon Gaming, shout casters Atlus and LS.

Kim Min Ah
Kim Min Ah Instagram

Fans express concern

Kim Min Ah's fans have expressed concern over her health. After leaving the sets of LCK early and undergoing a test, the actress said in a statement that the results were not out yet and she was waiting for the diagnosis.

In her statement that was released on Instagram, she also stated that she was suffering from a body temperature of over 37.5C and had severe body ache. Responding to fans' concerns about her health, she said there was nothing to worry about. "The possibility of it being coronavirus is low. But I left the venue of shooting early as I should not be the one to judge the condition on my own."

Apologises to fans

She apologized to her fans for making them worry and feel uneasy but added that it was the best decision to make and that she acted according to guidelines. She said she will share the results as soon as she gets them. The results are expected to be out on February 24. Her company JTBC too reacted to the news and confirmed that she had undergone tests for COVID-19, and was waiting for the results.

In a statement, the company said: "Caster Kim Min Ah is currently self-quarantining herself after being tested for Coronavirus due to having the symptom of a fever. As a result, Morning news program Morning& has been cancelled and the other staff members on the show have also self-quarantined themselves."

The cases of coronavirus are on the rise and the government has raised the alert to the highest level. As on Monday morning there were 763 confirmed cases. So far seven people have died from the virus, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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