South Korean Actress Subin Injured in Four-Car Collision on Jungbu Island Expressway

Kpop singer-cum-actress Subin suffered injuries in the accident and is currently being treated in hospital.

Subin, former Dal Shabet member and actress, has been injured in an accident and is being treated in a hospital. The actress-singer got injured in a four-car collision on Jungbu Island Expressway. More details of the incident are awaited.

As of now, DALsooobin's label Image9 Company said that the actress is out of danger. "Subin was involved in a 4-car collision at Yeonpung Tunnel on Jungbu Island Expressway earlier this afternoon. She was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, and we can confirm there are no life-threatening injuries," her agency said.

Dal Subin
Subin, former Dal Shabet member and actress met with an accident. Instagram

The agency also stated that it will consider Subin's health and safety as priority before committing to any work. "We'll coordinate her future schedules while making sure our top priority is her health and stability," Image9 said.

Subin's Schedules to be Re-Adjusted

The agency also said that her schedules may have to be re-adjusted and the decision will be made after receiving the results of the tests conducted. Cops are also questioning the singer-turned actress about the incident. It is not known if anyone else is injured in the accident. More details are awaited.

The accident occurred when she was on her way to film MBN's 'Miss Back'. Subin-starrer drama 'Wish You' is all set for premier on December 4 KST.

It can be noted that Subin had got into an accident in 2014 and ended with an injured hip, legs and fractured foot. She had to undergo surgery. The accident was so severe that she had to take a break of one year after the incident.

In an interview Subin had explained about the near death experience in 2014 when she was returning home from an event in Busan. The car she was travelling in had flipped over after another car crashed into their vehicle on a winding path. Subin had said that she had thought that she was going to die. She opened her eyes and everything was dark. Though she could feel the grass when she tried to touch the ground, the lower part of her body did not have any sensation.

She had suffered from seizures which kept her away from the stage for at least one year. But she utilized this time to write songs for Dal Shabet.

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