South Carolina Woman Arrested for Following, Pointing Gun at Black Newspaper Driver Because She Thought the Worker was Staking Out Neighborhood

Mary Holmes
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A South Carolina woman was arrested after being accused of pointing a gun at a Black newspaper delivery driver.

Law enforcement said Mary Holmes, who is white, was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm in connection to last week's incident.

Holmes Said She Feared for Her Life

When speaking to police, Holmes said she pulled out her weapon on the victim "out of fear for her life." The driver, identified as a Black woman, was making deliveries in Spartanburg early in the morning on Sept. 6 at about 2:30 a.m., as reported by Fox Carolina.

The victim saw Holmes eyeballing her while she was making her dropoffs, according to the reports citing the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office.

The victim reported that she continued to deliver newspapers and eventually left the neighborhood, where Holmes pulled up next to her. The victim told deputies that she asked Holmes if she could help her, and the driver responded, "No you can't."

According to the outlets, the woman accused Holmes of following her and confronting her again. This time, Holmes allegedly discharged a gun and pointed it in her direction. However, according to the reports, the magazine dropped, and the woman immediately tried to get away.

Holmes Told Cops the Delivery Vehicle 'Didn't Belong There'

Holmes' partner also called 911 to inform them about his partner following the victim, whom she thought was staking the neighborhood. She told police that she was frightened after seeing the delivery driver's vehicle, which "didn't belong there." Her neighbor recently experienced a break-in, the outlets reported.

Holmes was released on a $5,000 bail. She was also told not to reach out to the victim.