South African University Suspends White Student After Video Shows Him Urinating on Black Student's Belongings [VIDEO]

A white student was suspended from a South African university over a racist incident that occurred over the weekend.

Stellenbosch University suspended Theuns du Toit after a video showed him urinating over a 20-year-old first-year Black student's belongings.

'This is What We Do to Black Boys'

Theuns Du Toit
Theuns Du Toit seen urinating on Babalo Ndwayana's belonging in the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

The victim, identified as Babalo Ndwayana, says Du Toit, a friend of his roommate, entered his room at his Huis Marais residence and urinated on his books, laptop and desk in the early hours of Sunday morning.

In the video, Ndwayana can be heard asking the student why he is peeing in his room. Du Toit's reportedly responds to him by saying that he was urinating on his belongings because "this is what we do to black boys." The video sparked outrage after it started circulating on social media,

Outrage on Social Media

Babalo Ndwayana
Babalo Ndwayana Twitter

After the video went viral, social media users, including celebrities, expressed their anger over the white student's racist behavior and demanded his expulsion.

"I cannot keep quiet," tweeted actress Nambitha Ben-Mazwi. "I am shook and heartbroken at the way the stellenbosch students are aching. I stand with the Maties, in calling for Theuns Du Toit (know his name) to be expelled and criminally charged."

"There is no need for a hearing. The video clip proves beyond reasonable doubt and on a probability of fact that Theuns du Toit is guilty of a myriad of charges. He must be expelled from #StellenboschUniversity with immediate effect," another user commented.

Several students even came out in support of Ndwayana, chanting and singing as they demanded justice outside the Huis Marais building at the university.

Du Toit Facing Expulsion, Criminal Charges

The university announced Du Toit's suspension on Monday and said it was further investigating the incident that will determine the final outcome, which could include expulsion or criminal charges.

Theuns Du Toit
Theuns Du Toit Twitter

"The university strongly condemns the destructive, hurtful and racist incident that was captured on a cellphone video in the Huis Marais residence on the Stellenbosch University campus in the early hours of Sunday morning," spokesperson Martin Viljoen confirmed.

"[Following his suspension] a further swift but detailed investigation will determine the final outcomes. Expulsion and/or criminal charges are not excluded from the possible available options, based on the investigation's findings," Viljoen added.

Stellenbosch University student affairs director Dr Choice Makhetha told Newzroom Afrika the university was shocked by the incident, especially as the institution was focused on transformation.

She added it was clear that Ndwayana was shocked by what occurred and now had to deal with his laptop being damaged a week before examinations start. The university was assisting him with a replacement laptop and assisting him with any of his study needs.