Soojin's Out of (G)I-DLE's New Track; Her Portions Edited Out of 'Last Dance' over School Bullying Allegations

Celebrities facing school bullying allegations are being badly affected as not only some have lost endorsements, but also projects. Soojin too is paying a price as she is now dropped from the new song of her group (G)I-dle.

Seo Shin Ae under attack from Angry Soojin Fans
Seo Shin Ae under attack from Angry Soojin Fans Instagram

Out of 'Last Dance'
A report on Herald Pop has claimed that (G)I-DLE's latest song 'Last Dance' will be out as a special song for the fans on UNIVERSE platform in April. The song was shot in February, but the release was delayed following the controversy around Soojin.

The report adds that some portions of the song have been re-shot and her scenes have been edited out. "UNIVERSE discussed with Cube Entertainment about how to proceed with the already produced song and music video, and decided that it would be difficult to fully produce all-new content after taking into consideration the contractual relationship with the distributors, partners, and both tangible and intangible losses.

'Last Dance(Prod. GroovyRoom)' has had its composition and lyrics modified, and the five (G)I-DLE members have redistributed and re-recorded the song. Other additional contents such as the pictorial and making videos will be shared as a five-member team to the best of our ability. Finally, we will re-edit and release the music video to minimize Soojin's appearance, as it cost a lot of money and involved production staff from several partner companies." Koreaboo quoted UNIVERSE as stating in a press statement.

However, the 23-year old's agency Cube Entertainment has refused to react to the latest development.

Soojin's Controversy
Seo Shin Ae accused the actor of assault, robbing off her money, bullying and cursing students using cuss words during their school days in Waw Middle School in Hwaseong City in Gyeonggi Province, Korea. On her Instagram account, she had revealed that the latter had bullied her for two years and said: "Ten years ago, I was a young and had no courage. But if I hesitate and get scared again, I would feel disappointed in myself and be full of regret in the future. So I decided to be brave this time."

Soojin's agency Cube Entertainment has denied all the allegations and decided to take legal action against Seo Shin Ae.