Actress Seo Shin Ae Claims (G)I-DLE's Soojin Bullied Her For 2 Years, Says 'Won't Get Scared Again'

Actress Seo Shin Ae took to Instagram to claim that she was indeed bullied by (G)I-DLE's Soojin in middle school.

Actress Seo Shin Hye has decided to speak up about bullying allegations made against (G)I-DLE's Soojin. Reacting to Soojin's plea to open up, Seo Shin Hye said that she was indeed bullied by the singer for two years when she was in middle school. It can be noted that Soojin had recently refuted all claims of bullying and had requested Seo Shin Ae to clear the air.

Thus actress Shin Ae took to Instagram to speak in detail and said: "Ten years ago, I was a young and had no courage. But if I hesitate and get scared again, I would feel disappointed in myself and be full of regret in the future. So I decided to be brave this time."

Seo Shin Ae GIDLE Soojin
Actress Seo Shin Ae [L] has claimed that she was bullied by (G)I-DLE's Soojin for two years. Instagram

Child Artist Seo Shin Ae Gets Bullied

Shin Ae entered Korean entertainment industry as a child artist. She first appeared in the commercial Soul Milk at the age of 5. Then she went on to star in dramas including Thank You (2007), Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho (2010), and The Queen's Classroom (2013). She has also acted in the film Meet Mr. Daddy (2007).

She had transferred schools in the first semester of eighth grade. Though she was in entertainment industry, she was on ordinary student in the school and tried to get along well with classmates, the actress said.

"The person who has brought up my name [referring to Soojin] would constantly do nasty things, criticize me, make personal attacks, and laugh at me almost every day with her group of friends, whether I was on my way to school, in the hallways during break, or in the cafeteria," she said.

Apparently Shi Ae was posed with questions like,

'She's not even that pretty, how can she be a celebrity?'

'Whatever, she's just a washed-up celebrity,'

'She's just an outcast.'

'Mental Health Can Scar a Person For Life'

"They were also young and the things they said may not have carried much meaning. But those words hurt me deeply and they still remain with me. Those words bruised me and I started fearing people," Shin Ae said. She said that this fear led her to become an introvert. Not only physical abuse, but also mental abuse can scar a person for life, the actress said.

Reacting to Soojin's claims that she never spoke to Shin Ae, she said: "That's right. It was always a one-sided affair with her insults. It is regretful that she came to the conclusion that the contemptuous remarks and actions she made within her group weren't true. And I don't know what evidence or witnesses she has, but I want to ask whether her selective memories are genuine enough to explain everything I am mentioning."

Shin Ae also asked other victims to speak up about their bullies. The actress said that she kept quite thinking things would get better with time. But nothing has gotten better, she said.

Currently, following online claims of bullying against Soojin, the singer has been asked to halt her activities temporarily. Her agency Cube Entertainment recently released a statement and said that they are going forward with taking action against those spreading rumors.

Cube is said to have filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police against those spreading false information. The agency is also stated that it has gathered and submitted all the proof that proves Soojin innocent. However, both Soojin and Cube Entertainment have not yet reacted to Shin Ae's bullying claims.