Song Sun Mi's Agency reveals truth behind her husband's murder; police add details

Actress Song Sun-mi's art director husband was murdered on August 21 in the Seocho district of Seoul.

Song Sun-mi
Actress Song Sun-min in a scene from MBC drama 'Return of Bok Dan-Ji.'

Tragedy struck actress Song Sun-mi after her husband of 11 years, Go Woo-seok was murdered on August 21. However, her agency JR Entertainment, which recently released a statement on the actress's current condition, also revealed that a lot of misinformation is spreading through reports regarding the actual events that led to Go Woo-seok's murder. They revealed the events as they happened. The police have also revealed key information on the murder suspect.

As noted by website Soompi, JR Entertainment has released an official statement in point form. The first point states, "As reported previously, Song Sun Mi's husband was wounded in the neck and passed away in the morning of August 21. After receiving news of incident she has been under great shock and sadness." It was revealed earlier that all those involved with the incident are under police investigation at the moment.

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As reported earlier, Go Woo-seok was found bleeding from his neck in Seocho district of Seoul, South Korea. He died while he was being transferred to Seoul St. Mary Hospital. The police arrested a 28-year-old man and are in the middle of investigations.

The second point mentions, "Although the truth will be revealed through a police investigation, due to the spread of speculative and unconfirmed statements about the deceased, the bereaved family is suffering once again. Thus, we are revealing Song Sun Mi's situation."

It was previously reported that Song Sun-mi's husband was stabbed with a knife after he failed to give as much money and valuables as demanded by the young man after the latter agreed to help Go Woo-seok regarding a pending case of his grandfather's inheritance. Another report stated Song Sun-mi's late husband was having an inheritance-related dispute with his cousin; and that his acquaintance stabbed Go Woo-seok.

JR Entertainment clarified that it wasn't an inheritance related issue and said, "This incident was not caused by the dispute over his maternal grandfather's inheritance as previously reported. The late husband's maternal grandfather is currently alive and the late husband was helping his maternal grandfather file a civil and criminal suit regarding the illegal relocation of his fortune. His maternal grandfather's entire fortune is currently in the name of the individual the grandfather is suing."

The agency also added that Song Sun-mi's husband hadn't promised the suspect a large sum of money. "Four days before the incident, around August 17, the late husband met the suspect for the first time. The suspect claimed to be an acquaintance of the opposing party in the lawsuit and asked to meet, promising to give information regarding the lawsuit.

"The day the incident occurred was the third time the late husband met the suspect," the agency revealed, adding, "Due to having only met the suspect four days ago and not knowing what kind of information or documents the suspect had, the late husband was not able to promise him a large sum of money," the agency's statement read.

The agency also requested others to "refrain from posting speculative posts and sensational reports in consideration of the deceased victim and his bereaved family who are deeply sad and hurt."

Meanwhile, a source from Seoul Seocho Police Station revealed, "Mr. Jo is not a gang member. He does not have a criminal record." The police also added it was unlikely he was a hired assassin. "If he had been hired [to kill] wouldn't he have killed him in an open place and escaped. After committing the crime, he submitted himself to the police," the source said. The police further said they think the motive behind the murder was personal grudge against the victim.

Song Sun-mi and her late husband were introduced to each other by a filmmaker in 2004. They dated for some time and then married on June 29, 2006 in Seoul. The couple gave birth to a daughter in April, 2015. Go Woo-Seok was an art director working on movies.

Our thoughts go out to Song Sun-mi and her family at this difficult time in their lives.

This article was first published on August 22, 2017