Song Joong Ki's New Building: Neighbours Raise Objection over illegal Road Construction After Truck Accident

Song Joong Ki's new house has reportedly created inconvenience to the neighbours at Itaewon as the builder illegally modified the attached to his property. The residents have also complained of noise and safety issues.

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki. Song Joong Ki Instagram

After purchasing the land in 2016, the-35-year old started constructing the building 18 months ago. It all started after the flat road was modified into a sloppy road in December 2020 which was constructed to connect the building's parking lot. Thus making the narrow road into a dangerous road, the neighbours allege. The recent truck accident has added to their worry.

Article 75 of the Road Act Violated
The Yongsan Road department has stated that Song Joong Ki has never obtained the necessary permission to construct the road and this act is a violation under Article 75 of the Road Act. The authority has asked the constructer to restore the road to the original level, but it has reportedly fallen to deaf ears.

"Initially, residents complained that the road was too narrow for two vehicles to pass. So Song gave his private land to the residents to widen the road," Zapzee quotes the constructer as saying. He explains that the recent truck accident occurred due to overloading and not due to the modification of the road.

Noise and Safety Issues
Around 50 residents have now raised the voice against the constructer accusing him of neglecting noise and safety issues. "One of the residents was cleaning out the flower bed. And because they didn't properly install the safety fence, a drill dropped out of nowhere. That could have caused a serious accident. Also, the noise that has continued for over a year is unbearable," the website quotes a resident as complaining.

However, Song Joong Ki's agency has stated that they are aware of the complaints raised by the residents and would address the issue soon.

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