Song Joong Ki's female fans make beeline at Lee Kwang Soo's The Sound of Your Heart set

Song Joong Ki will make an appearance in the new KBS web sitcom, Sound of Heart.

Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Kwang Soo talks about Song Joong Ki's appearance in the new KBS web drama, Sound of Heart Facebook/Leekwangsoo

Song Joong Ki will make an appearance in Lee Kwang Soo's new web-drama. The Descendants of the Sun actor will play the role of a webtoon writer in the 31-year-old actor's KBS 2TV's show, The Sound of Your Heart.

Kwang Soo will be playing the main character, Jo Suk, who is a cartoonist and Jung So Min will be playing his girlfriend, Ae Bong. This web-drama is an adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same name.

Kwang Soo revealed the female staff members were excited to meet Joong Ki when he came to set for the shoot. He said: "Song Joong Ki immediately accepted my request for a cameo even before seeing the script. I'm very thankful for such friend. I actually didn't know that many female staff members existed until that scene [with Song Joong Ki]. There were also some who I've never seen before."

Song Joong-Ki
South Korean actor Song Joong-Ki will make an appearance in the new KBS web sitcom, Sound of Heart Facebook/sphasiaone

Director Ha Byung Hoon added: "I didn't realize that we had that many staff members until Song Joong Ki came to the set. There were about 2 times more people than usual, and they were staring to the point that it was scary."

He continued: "Song Joong Ki worked very hard, and he prepared a lot. He also took pictures with all the staff members before leaving. I regret not taking one with him."

Meanwhile, in the drama, Kim Dae Myung will be playing Kwang Soo's older brother, Jo Joon, and Kim Byung Ok and Kim Mi Kyung will be playing Kwang Soo's parents.

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