Ben and 40 dating? Truth revealed

The two have denied reports that they are romantically involved.

Ben and 40
Ben and 40 have denied reports that they are romantically involved Facebook/910730Ben

South Korean singer Ben and South Korean R&B singer/songwriter 40 were rumored to be dating. However, the two have denied reports that they are romantically involved.

Romance rumours started after E Daily stated that they had been dating for six months. Adding on, the website claimed that they had been seen on dates in and around Seoul this year.

However, the 25-year-old singer, whose real name is Lee Eun-young, revealed that she and 40 are friends, and the two became close friends as they worked together on music. Her label said: "They are close friends who came to know each other while working. It's true that the two are close but the dating reports are false."

40's agency also shared a statement on the dating reports. It stated: "We think dating rumors surfaced because they are close friends who meet often, but they are not dating."

Ben is currently busy with her career, and will also be appearing in the musical Death Note as Amane Misa, Light Yagami's girlfriend. She said: "I'm honored and grateful to join a major production. I'm very nervous and excited to stand on the same stage with sunbaenims, but I'll try my best not to become a harm to the show."