Song Joong-ki steeping away from acting; says he wants to be himself for a while

Says he is confident that his movie 'Battleship Island' will be a success.

Song Joong-ki
Actor Song Joong-ki.

Song Joong-ki has stepped away from the limelight, ever since 'Descendants of the Sun' ended last year. Much of the news surrounding him is unverified rumours about his relationship with co-star Song Hye-kyo and with Park Bo-gum. The actor has now explained the true reason behind him taking a hiatus from acting.

In a recent photo shoot and interview with W Korea magazine, as translated by Soompi, Song Joong-ki was asked about what he hopes to achieve in 2017, as his movie "Battleship Island" is going to release soon. Song Joong-ki replied that it is not movie-success that he intends to achieve but more personal time for himself.

"I feel like I'm spending my free time more plentifully than I ever have. I've always spent my life as if I was pressed for time ever since I debuted, [with the mindset of] taking on another production as soon as I finished one," the actor reflected during the interview.

"That's why, this year I've briefly stepped away from work and want to try and spend some time just as Song Joong-ki in his thirties," the 'Descendants of the Sun' actor said, adding he wants to spend time with his family, on his mother's birthday.

Song Joong-ki appears in W Korea magazine's May issue cover. Song Joong-ki can be seen posing with trees in the California desert, just outside Los Angeles. He also revealed how he likes to travel, especially during filming as he likes working with different crew members, as he considers himself a crew member, not someone special. However, he added that it's difficult to go on trips all the time, especially in South Korea where he is easily recognisable. Sometimes he just likes to go on a simple walk, with a friend or his manager, though that is hard too.

Song Joong-ki, who has made cameo appearances in "Running Man' as well, added that he prefers company than travelling alone. And not just during travelling, the actor likes to spend time with people in almost every walk of life. He says he feels good seeing other people in their spirits; seeing them happy.

As for Los Angeles, the actor was asked whether he has seen the recent Oscar-winning film 'La La Land,' Song Joong-ki said he loved the film. He added that he felt really surprised when an otherwise happy film suddenly took a sad turn at the end of the film but commended the director for showing the more realistic side of Hollywood where success may come but at a deeper cost.

Song Joong-ki's upcoming movie 'Battleship Island' is in post-production at the moment and is scheduled for a July, 2017 release. He feels the movie will be a success. "I can say this because of the confidence and trust I have as a member [of the cast] in the production I participated in," the actor said.

This article was first published on April 22, 2017
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