Song Joong Ki fans donate KRW 17 million to elderly women

In October 2016, Song donated 20 million won towards the same organisation.

Song Joong Ki's fans have donated a whopping 17 million won ($14,900) to House of Sharing in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province - a shelter for elderly women who were forced to serve as 'comfort women' for the Japanese troops during World War II. The donation was to mark the release of Song's film, The Battleship Island. The film is all set for a premiere on July 26 KST. In October 2016, Song donated 20 million won towards the same organisation.

It is well-known that the handsome star has put his heart and soul in the upcoming war film, The Battleship Island. The film narrates the fictional story a group of about 400 Joseon workers who risk their lives to escape from their forced labour camp in Hashima. Set during the Japanese occupation-era, the film also stars Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, and Lee Jung-hyun in key roles.

Made with a budget of US$ 21 million, the film is bankrolled by filmmaker R & K and distributed by CJ Entertainment. The team has released characters posters of the lead artists with a synopsis on their Facebook account.

Hwang Jung Min will appear as a doting father Lee Kang Ok. He wants to take his only daughter (Kim Soo Ahn) to Japan to keep her safe but they end up at the Hashima labour camp. So Ji Sub is the tough and loyal Choi Chil Sung. He is the best street fighter in Kyungsung, and often stirs up fight n the camp. However, under his harsh and rough exterior, there is a hidden heart of goodness.

Song Joong Ki plays an Office of Strategic Services (OSS) agent Park Moo Young. He is a member of the Korean independence movement who infiltrates into island to rescue a fellow independence fighter. And finally, Lee Jung Hyun is the strong willed Mal Nyeon. She is a comfort woman who undergoes endless troubles under the Japanese colonisation before ending up at the Hashima camp.

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