Naturally beautiful South Korean actresses
Naturally beautiful South Korean actresses Facebook

The beauty industry in South Korea is indeed advancing day by day with unique beauty solutions, beauty products and not to mention the plastic surgery trend.

South Korea is the epitome of plastic surgeries and famous for its 'ugly to beauty' plastic surgery procedure. People around the world who want to change their appearance to look good would visit the plastic surgery capital. Korea can modify one's look as long as one has money.

Among South Korean girls and boys, operations like double eyelid surgery, eye-widening surgery, v-line jaw reduction, teeth capping, chin augmentation, forehead augmentation, hair transplant, rhinoplasty and many other surgery transformations are quite popular.

Recently, a report released saying that South Korea's Incheon International Airport has announced plans to open a plastic surgery clinic for passengers who are interested in having the operations done during their travels. This is how much important the plastic surgery trend in South Korea has become.

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The South Korean Entertainment has a huge fan following from all around the world and we sometimes question the perfection of the South Korean entertainers.

Reports have revealed that most of the Korean entertainers, be it boys or girls, go through plastic surgeries or appearance modification to get that perfect and irresistible look.

However, Korean entertainers' beauty is not all modified as some natural beauties who have not undergone any kind of surgery still dominate the industry with their real flawless look.

Check out six naturally beautiful South Korean actresses who have not gone under the knife but still look stunning:

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye Facebook

Park Shin Hye is one of the most popular actresses in South Korea. She has worked in hit Korean dramas like "You're beautiful", "The "Heirs", "Doctor Crush", "Pinocchio" and many more.

She recently made a cameo as a Hallyu actor named Yoo Hye Jung in an episode of SBS' "Degree of Love.

Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun Young
Moon Geun Young Facebook

Moon Geun , who played the character of the cute bride "My Little Bride" is also known as "Nation's Little Sister" in South Korea.

She first gained popularity through her role as the young Eun-suh in the highly popular Korean drama "Autumn in My Heart"

Moon has also worked in the film "Innocent Steps" which was a major hit at the box office.

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo Facebook

Song Hye Kyo is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in South Korea. She rose to stardom through her leading role in television dramas "Autumn in my Heart" and "Full House"

Her most recent Korean drama "Descendents of the Sun" starring opposite co-star and now husband Song Joon Ki was a major global hit.

She later ended up falling in love with Song Joong Ki and celebrated the grandest ever celebrity wedding just a few days back.


YoonA Facebook

Actor/singer YoonA from the K-pop girl group Girl's Generation is one of the most adorable entertainers in the South Korean Entertainment industry.

Not only is she a talented musician but she has worked in hit Korean dramas like "The K2" and "The King Loves".

When YoonA started her career 10 years back as a singer with her girl group "Girls Generation, she was voted as one of the most popular Korean idols in K-pop industry.

She also made a successful screen debut through the film "Confidential Assignment".

Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun
Kim Hee Sun Facebook

The 40-year old star Kim Hee Sun is one of the most sought-after actors in the Korean film industry. She starred in "Woman of Dignity" this year, which has the highest viewership rating record for a JTBC drama.

Since the time Hee Sun set foot in Korean entertainment industry, she has been busy with movies, drama, variety shows, commercials and more. The actress' presence in the awards show is a privileged thing as she is considered one of the original Hallyu stars

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee
Kim Tae Hee Facebook

Kim Tae Hee is one of the prettiest and charismatic actresses in South Korea.

Kim Tae Hee achieved her breakthrough very early through her popular drama "Stairway to Heaven".

She has also worked in high budget dramas like IRIS, Love Story in Harvard and many more.

She recently tied the knot with her lover and Korean heartthrob Rain and presently the couple has been blessed with an adorable daughter.