From Suzy Bae to Song Hye Kyo: Check out diet, beauty tips of top 6 Korean divas that you can adopt

It is not enough to be mesmerized by the flawlessness of Korean actors and pop-stars when you watch them on-screen. Their beauty and lifestyle tips can easily be applied in your daily life.

Beauty tips

Ever wondered how Korean stars keep themselves fit and glowing? Don't worry, they don't adopt bizarre out-of-the-world beauty regimens to stay gorgeous. Their porcelain skin and toned body come due to a healthy diet and strict beauty regime.

It is not enough to be mesmerized by their flawlessness when you watch them on-screen. Their routine is actually very simple and can be applied in your daily life if you know what to do. And even if you don't, never fret because IBTimes is there to help you.

Your craving for perfection can be satisfied with a few simple tricks and habits. So let's find out what these six screen goddesses do to look youthful and unblemished.

Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae for Didier Dubot
Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot Facebook/MissA.SuzyB

Korean actress and singer Suzy Bae is an ethereal beauty who reigns on millions of hearts. To keep her face spotless, she swears by the age-old method of cleansing, toning and moisturising. She advises making the face squeaky-clean before going to sleep.

Suzy has stated in the past that her body is very adaptable to new diet regimes, which she applies according to the requirement of her roles. Generally, she likes to eat chicken breasts and sweet potatoes, including them in both her breakfast and dinner. She also drinks lots of water and fluids.

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo
Facebook/Song HyeKyo

Actress Song Hye Kyo doesn't seem to age at all. Her porcelain skin and bright eyes are worth admiring. She believes in a no-makeup look and advises people to lay off too much foundation. She also uses cosmetic products with lighter shades.

To keep the body healthy internally, Song Hye Kyo eats lots of tomatoes, berries, dark chocolate, tuna, eggs, and green vegetables, basically food that is rich in anti-oxidants. She stays miles away from junk food, carbonated drinks and black tea.


HyunA Facebook

Korean heartthrob HyunA is known for her spotless skin and charming looks. To look radiant like her, you need not do much. HyunA revealed to Cosmopolitan that she doesn't apply much make-up, except a bright-tinted lipstick. She believes in adding colour to the lips, leaving the rest of the face dewy fresh to complement it. The multi-talented star believes small changes to your lifestyle can work wonders. For starters, she always prefers taking the stairs to the elevator. She also dances regularly to keep her body toned. Her diet chart says a major no-no to flour and excess sugar. Her perfectly toned body is a result of cutting these out of her diet completely.

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go-eun
Kim Go-eun Instagram

The Goblin star is an unconventional beauty with a unique charm. To keep her skin bright and smooth, she sprays face mists at regular intervals throughout the day. She also applies face oils before going to sleep, to ready her face for a hectic shooting schedule.

Kim told InStyle magazine that she drinks at least two litres of water every day, along with barley tea. She also believes in eating lots of fruits and vegetables to give a natural sheen to her skin.

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun
Jun Ji-hyun Instagram

The gorgeous actress' beauty transformation, after she gained weight post marriage, surprised millions. Her idea is to be happy if you want to make your skin look fresh. To keep her skin soft, she washes her face first with lukewarm water and then a splash of cold water. Her cleansing and moisturising routine are not very lengthy. She has revealed that she maintains a very organised life, waking up at 6 am every day.

Jun Ji-hyun applies a simple logic to reduce eating: use your left hand to eat if you're a rightie and vice versa. Using the opposite hand makes you eat slower and lesser. She also advises people to work out for half an hour every day. Regular exercise and moderate diet can work wonders for the body, gradually leading it to the healthy side.

Shin Se-kyung

Shin Se-kyung
Shin Se-kyung Facebook

Actress Shin Se-kyung believes using serum can fix all skin issues. She prefers to have all her make-up taken out soon after the shoot, following which she applies serum to moisturize her skin. Another mantra applied by her is to stay hydrated all day long, to prevent break-outs on the skin.

The gorgeous star treats her body to aerobic exercises every day. She prefers going out for walking, jogging or skipping, rather than sweating it out in the gym. She believes in a moderate diet avoiding high-calorie food that affects skin and hair.